Tiffon (Braastad)

Annual sales cognac: 1,300,000 bottles
Buy wine/eaux-de-vie from: Primarily Fins Bois, but also Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne
Vineyards of its own: 85 acres (Fins Bois) and 17 acres (Grande Champagne)

The cognac house was founded in 1875 by Médéric Tiffon who successfully runs the business for nearly four decades. When Médéric dies in 1913, the situation becomes problematic since there is no natural heir. A sister of Médéric accepts to assume the responsibility for the business, ...

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Annual sales cognac: 600,000 bottles
Buy wine/eaux-de-vie from: Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne
Vineyards of its own: 170 acres in Grande Champagne


Bernard Hine in front of The Stag which was used as the company emblem already in 1822 but 
was not registered as a trademark until 1867.

It is often said that Hine is the most English of all cognac houses. Although the UK is no longer Hine’s largest market, the firm probably still has its most loyal clientele here. Since 1962, ...

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Annual sales cognac: Around 340 000 bottles
Buys wine/eaux-de-vie from: Grande Champagne exclusively
Vineyards of its own


An exact ranking of the finest cognac brands is meaningless, but that Delamain ranks among the top 10 is to me beyond dispute. The house has over the years built up a solid reputation for its high quality and its meticulousness in absurdum.

In 1824, Henry Delamain and his cousins, the Roullet brothers, establish the cognac house Roullet & Delamain. Henry was the ...

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