Vineyard acreage: 595 acres (240 hectares)
Grape variety: Ugni blanc (99%), experiments with other grape varieties on a small scale
Annual sales cognac: 500 000 bottles


The Frapin family has cultivated grapevines in Grande Champagne since time immemorial. The ancestor settled in the area already in 1270 but it was not until 1880 that Pierre Frapin (1858–1944) began ...

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J. Painturaud

Vineyard acreage: 56 acres (23 hectares)
Grape variety: Ugni blanc
Annual sales cognac: 3 000 bottles


The Painturaud family has farmed the land around their property in Segonzac since the late 1800s. As the years have gone by one vineyard has been added to the other and the family’s property now covers 56 acres. The majority of vineyards are located on the desirable ...

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Jean Fillioux

Vineyard acreage: 61 acres (25 hectares)
Grape variety: Ugni blanc (and some Folignan)
Annual sales cognac: 60 000 bottles


The Estate La Pouyade sits on a hill with stunning views of the surrounding vineyards. The cognac house was founded in 1880 by Honoré Fillioux, but is since long named after his son Jean (1885–1967). The house is a genuine family business and is at ...

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Vineyard acreage: 81 acres (33 hectares)
Grape variety: 85% Ugni blanc, 15% Folle blanche
Annual sales cognac: 40 000–50 000 bottles


Cognac Ragnaud-Sabourin sits on a hill outside the village of Ambleville in the south of Grande Champagne, one of the most prominent houses in the cognac business. They sell some eau-de-vie to the big cognac houses but keep the major part ...

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Daniel Bouju

Vineyard acreage: 75 acres
Grape variety: Ugni blanc
Annual sales cognac: 35,000–40,000 bottles


Chez Lafont is located in the fairest of landcapes halfway between the two quiet villages of Saint-Preuil and Bouteville in the heart of Grande Champagne. The Bouju family history can be traced back to 1805 but it was not until 1976 that the seventh generation Bouju, Daniel ...

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